Artisan snacks. At your service.

RTZN is a boutique distributor intent on changing the way businesses discover, source, and receive artisan food products. Our portfolio is built around single-serve, grab-and-go, high sales velocity snack items from a combination of popular and emerging brands that align with the fast-paced world and impulsive behavior of today's consumer. We focus on alternative markets in the industry — such as hotels/hospitality, institutional/higher education, corporate offices, event spaces, coffee shops/cafes, social clubs, gyms/rec centers — and offer a convenient, one-stop shop SaaS (Snacks as a Service) platform that cuts through the clutter and eliminates cumbersome ordering processes.

Customer Mission (Buyers)

Provide a one-stop shop for buyers to procure premier, unique snack food brands by streamlining and bundling curation, sourcing, delivery, and administrative activities into one easy, cohesive offering.

Vendor Mission (Brands)

Provide a vehicle for emerging brands to penetrate alternative, niche markets that present valuable retail opportunities yet are underserved and always looking for specialty items to replace the old offerings that can be found everywhere else.

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