The Good Crisp

The Good Crisp has turned the chip game upside down by reinventing a classic snack staple free of the top allergens and artificial ingredients.

The motivation for the product started back in 2014 when the founder, Matt, was following a strict gluten-free diet. He missed his favorite shall-not-be-named brand of "potato crisps," but necessity is the mother of invention - so he was inspired to re-create the classic canister chip without all the junk.

It was one thing for Matt to make the chips healthier with better ingredients, but he wanted his daughters to be able to enjoy them as well, so he knew they had to taste good! And so began the journey of developing a clean label, gluten-free canister chip the whole family can enjoy.

Go ahead - replace Pr****es with The Good Crisp in your assortment of chips. We promise: Once you snack (on 'em), you won't go back.

The Good Crisp Original Potato Crisps Grab & Go Can 1.6oz (12ct)
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