Mavuno Harvest


"Ethically sourced, naturally delicious, and making a difference with every bite"

Mavuno Harvest makes Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Certified USDA Organic dried fruit. The company works with small farming cooperatives to combat the issue of wasted harvests by creating supply chains to bring delicious, organic dried fruit from rural, Sub-Saharan Africa to the American consumer. Mavuno provides markets for these farmers and their products, thus increasing incomes, securing existing jobs and even creating new ones in one of the poorest regions on the planet (with many farmers earning less than $2 per day).

By bringing these dried fruits to the U.S. market, Mavuno gives American consumers the opportunity to directly and positively impact struggling communities and economies in Africa, while also positively impacting their own diet with the addition of a healthy, organic, nutritious snack.

Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Mango 2oz (6ct)
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Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Tropical Mix 2oz (6ct)
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