Brendan Cawley

Strategy, Finance

Previously a financial analyst in the private sector, Brendan is the founder of Righteous Felon. He is familiar with startup growth challenges and solutions and experienced in manufacturing, packaging, branding, sales, and marketing. Brendan provides RTZN with a unique perspective and understanding of what is needed to navigate and succeed in a difficult industry.

Daniel Klausner

Sales, Development

Dan worked in data analytics, marketing, and media before finding himself in sales for a startup food manufacturer, TBJ Gourmet, and then going out on his own as an independent rep. He is a business development specialist for early-stage companies, with a keen eye for emerging brands, and runs RTZN's day-to-day operations.

Roxanne Sweeney

Operations, Marketing

Roxanne joined us after 8+ years with Kimpton Hotel & Restaurants where she worked both on-property and on their Home Office team. She oversees our hospitality and Southern California accounts, manages our website, and supports our operations team. 

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